Full Length Videos

The really long ones…


full-length video by Louder Than 11 featuring many problems, FAs, and some fun special effects.


Bayonet (V4) – Max Zolotukhin FA
Cutlass (V10) – Jon Glassberg FA
Locust Lawn (V6) – Jon Glassberg FA
Lincoln Pinch (V8) – Carlo Traversi FA
Lincoln Turd (V5) – Ryan Silven FA
Rebel Yell (V3) – Kevin Jorgeson
Northern Aggression (V8) – Max Zolotukhin (FA)
Powder Keg (V7) – Jon Glassberg
Rebellion (V9) – Kevin Jorgeson (FA)
Trail of Tears (V9) – Jon Glassberg (FA)
Honey Badger (V12) – Jon Glassberg
Shot Tower (V5) – Ryan Silven (FA)
Exfoliator (V13) – Carlo Traversi
Small Arms (V12) – Carlo Traversi (FA)
The New Slavery (V3) – Max Zolotukhin (FA)
A Bloody Lineage (V9) – Ryan Silven (FA)
Take it to the Grave (V12) – Jon Glassberg (FA)
Bull Run (V7) – Jon Glassberg (FA)
Confedarete (V7) – Kevin Jorgeson (FA)


3 part bouldering film by John Gass and Ivo Penchev of summer 2011.

Part 1 – RMNP

Part 2 – Lincoln Lake

Little House on The Prairie  V12/13  (starts 00:48)

War of the Insects  V9  (starts 1:32)

Some great goat footage

Ram Skull Right  V9  (starts 3:25)

The West Side  V9  (starts 4:24)

The Exfoliator  V12  (starts 5:28)

The Guillotine  V10  (starts 6:12)

Big Bhang Theory  V9  (starts 7:04)

 Evil Backwards  V13  (starts 8:32)

Part 3 – Lincoln Lake starts at 5:00

Rebellion  V9  (starts 5:08)

High Five  V1  (starts 5:38)

Twisting The Knife  V7/8  (starts 6:12)

Phobos  V11  (starts 7:00)

nice weather footage

The Great War for Civilisation  V13  (starts 8:48)

We Can Build You  V14  (starts at 9:28)

 Group Therapy Sit  V8   (starts 11:00)


Enter The Wolvo

by Chad Greedy/Dave Graham/Jon Cardwell ~ The Island

Dave Graham, Daniel Woods, Jon Cardwell, Luke Parady, Chad Greedy, with cameos by Justin Jaeger and Nalle Hukkataival….many early ascents at Lincoln Lake. Incorrect info about 2nd ascent of The Mote in God’s Eye – was actually the 3rd. Many problems aren’t tagged so you’ll just have to count.

The Great War for Civilisation  V13

Rebellion  V9

Phobos  V11

Jamie Emerson  V10

Bebe Wolverine  V12

Death Trout  V13

Evil Backwards  V13

To Your Scattered Bodies Go  V14

The Great War for Civilisation (again)  V13

The Exfoliator  V12

Little House on the Prairie  V12

The Mote in God’s Eye  V13

Vanilla Sky  V13

Tattooed Teardrops  V13

Let The Right One In  V14

 Unshackled  V10



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