General Videos

Videos of each problem are linked to on each problem’s page, accessed via the drop down menu above. These are multi-problem videos or other items of interest.


Climbing and Packing Out Trash

(click the video to read the whole report on BD’s vimeo)

Featuring The Mote in God’s Eye  V13  (starts around 1:00) and Cloak of The Tiger  V8/9  (starts around 3:44)


Cool Lincoln Lake Time Lapses by Caroline Treadway


Time Lapse of Kevin Jorgeson and Carlo Traversi working on a highball in the first wave of new development at Lincoln. Later this problem became the end of Daniel Woods’ V14  Let The Right One In.


2010 Bouldering by John Gass

snippets of many problems, full ascents of Fer Irie, Dream Snatcher, and The Idiot


Season Finale 2010 by Nalle Hukkataival

Jon Cardwell and Nalle climb the Exfoliator, The Great War for Civilisation, and Evil Backwards pre-break.


3 From Lincoln Lake by Nate Coffman

Wilkes Booth, Jamie Emerson, and Dream Snatcher


The Best of Lincoln Lake by Bearcam Media

Endgame, Unshackled, Bebe Wolverine, Critter in da Fridge


Jimmy Webb and Brian Antheunisse

Vanilla Sky, Evil Backwards, Heads or Tails (FA), Dismantling The Enemy (FA), Guillotine (FA), Snaggletooth (FA), Purple is Not a Color (FA)


Alex Manikowski

Alex spent the entire summer of 2011 at Lincoln Lake. Here are Unshackled and Rebellion.

And Purple is Not a Color, The Honeybadger, and Bebe Wolverine


Dave and Daniel

Some early footage from Chad Greedy


Joel Zerr, Chris Schulte, Wendy Bradley

Bebe Wolverine, Not repeating Purple is Not A Color, Gap Jump, K.O., Behind The 8 Ball


Zach Groenwald

Bebe Wolverine, Bierstadt (at Area A), Clan of the Cave Bears, Evil Backwards, Vanilla Sky, Great War.


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