Videos and a listing of moderates


Wages of Sin V4  (first problem)

Steep Grades, Sharp Curves V5  (starts at 00:32)

Mothman Prophecies V3/4  (starts at 01:20)

Vertical Unknown  V2 (starts at 02:20)

All in the below video with this description from Dan Michels’ vimeo:

“Beta: From the Phobos area, exit the talus to the right and go slightly uphill on the grass for about 1 minute. In the talus to your left you will see the top of Steep Grades, Sharp Curves. From there, a few boulders to your left you will see the unknown V2 and and unknown V4 just to the left of it. Mothman Prophecies is the boulder just to the right of the previously mentioned boulder. You can see it from the top of both those problems. Wages of Sin is easy to find – it is just downhill slightly from the Kryptonite boulder.”


Nate Coffman – Lincoln Lake Moderates Part 1

Red Herring  V5  (first problem)

Lincoln Pinch  V5  (starts 01:44)

Chalk on Rock   V7/8  (starts 02:50)

Fer Irie  V4/5  (starts 04:05)


Nate Coffman – Lincoln Lake Moderates Part 2

For Columbine  V6  (first problem)

Behind The 8-Ball  V8  (starts 01:52)

Steep Grades Sharp Curves  V5  (starts at 3:00)

Mothman Prophecies  V3/4  (starts at 4:04)


The grades in these videos are an opinion but several do not reflect current consensus.


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