V7 Group Therapy & V8 GT Sit

John Gass | Ivo Penchev

Boulder left of Jamie Emerson.

Group Therapy

“Striking arete feature that pushes you to exit early with interesting press and pray moves. Starts on obvious jug at rib height and uses the arete fin for a couple moves before the balance press.”

Justin Jaeger

“New undercling beta makes this much easier and better.”

FA  ::  John Gass or Ivo Penchev?

FFA  ::  tk



Group Therapy Sit

“Start on the lowest right good hold and left hand crimp. Big move with left hand will lead you to the stand start jug hold.”

“Adds a big first slap to get to the original start.”

FA  ::  Ivo Penchev

FFA  ::  tk




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